Stopping Distances

25mph after drinking during wet weather

You had been drinking alcohol, and so you hit the pedestrian. Even though you were driving at 25 mph, alcohol had slowed your reactions and increased your thinking distance. To make matters worse, the wet road also increased your braking distance. This meant that you were not able to stop safely when the pedestrian stepped out unexpectedly.

Thinking Distance
Braking Distance
Overall Stopping Distance

Injury: Yes, the car hit the pedestrian.

In this scenario, more than 3 out of every 10 pedestrians would be injured, with a risk of that injury being serious.

Suggested Comparisons

  1. This accident would have been prevented if the driver had not been drink-driving. The driver took longer to spot and react to the pedestrian, because s/he was impaired by alcohol. This resulted in a longer thinking distance, which meant that it took longer to stop. Re-run the simulator, without selecting alcohol impairment, to see how the thinking distance is shorter, but note how the wet road still increases the braking distance.
  2. Using a mobile phone also increases the thinking distance as the driver takes longer to spot and react to the pedestrian. Re-run the simulator, and select mobile phone use instead of alcoholic impairment, to see how this changes the result.
  3. Wet weather increases braking distances. Re-run the simulator, and select dry weather, to see how this decreases the braking distance.

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